Why the use of these lipsticks is not recommended

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The utilization of a lipstick has turned out to be very basic these days. Indeed, even the way that a young lady has not utilized this enrichment shows that she didn’t have time or left home in a rush. It is basic for most ladies to paint their lips for any event they think about extraordinary. Not very many choose not to do it or never do it. Keep perusing.

Be that as it may, have you known about some dermatologist’s suppositions about it? Not very many ladies have really looked for the conclusion of a specialist regarding the matter. Therefore, Vida Sana thought about you and assembled information that you arranged in this article with the goal that you know about this subject. We clarify underneath what it is.

An Iranian dermatologist, situated in Tehran, disclosed to the populace the adverse results that the utilization of a lipstick can have on the skin of individuals. Indeed, he stated, could prompt non-healing maladies.

This is because of the abundance of lead and cancer-causing metals, (for example, aluminum and cadmium chromium) that a portion of these items have. Be cautious, simply a few, not all.

He likewise gave a few proposals. As we specified, it isn’t every one of the items that reason this sort of issues, yet just a few. The inquiry is to precisely read the fixings and break down them. Thusly, he prescribed that the utilization of regular or natural lipstick be best.

Furthermore, an essential certainty is that you focus and consider the lapse date of these items, since they are set up for something, wouldn’t you say?

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Likewise, he clarified an extremely straightforward procedure to know whether these items contain the previously mentioned metals.

1.- Apply on your finger, in the part where a ring would be found, a little lipstick.

2.- Place a 24 carat gold ring on that finger.

3.- If the ring changes shading, your lip contains metals.