Supra Made Video

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Supra Made Video

We call the materials that we put under the plates so that the table does not get dirty on the dining table. Supla is another name for the American service. It is possible to suppress from rope, rope, jute rope and paper in many different styles and models.

What is Supla?
Supla, as we have mentioned above, are the materials made of thin paper or rope, different materials which we put under the plates under the plates in order not to pollute the table. Stylish, both handy and decorative. You can also use the special combed ropes, felts, paper materials to make the solution that you can make with the residual materials in the house within the scope of your own ideas.

How is Supla done?
Supla can be made in various ways according to the material you use. The simplest models are thick rope or rope. Knitting etc without knowing the only thing you want to do with the desired colors and colors can be made from the rope.

You can use a silicone gun when you pull it from the rope. It is necessary to use silicone when sticking the threads. Those who live in Istanbul can pick up whatever they need to decorate, as well as adhering to the ropes and adhesives. This place is more economical than other hobby shops. How to make Supla, you can see step by step in the video below.