How To Treat Droopy Eyelids Naturally

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Worried about maturing, saggy eyelids? Ptosis is the medicinal term for a hanging upper eyelid. Egg whites are compelling in influencing your skin to fix and firm and help you dispose of eyelid issues like hanging, listing, and hooding.

Everything necessary is one restless night for our eyes to look worn out. Indeed, our eyes have a major effect in our appearance.

Have you at any point looked in the mirror and seen that your eyelids have all the earmarks of being hanging, and the skin is drooping?

Otherwise called ptosis, hanging eyelids may show up as a result of common maturing, yet they can likewise be innate, or even emerge from infections, for example, diabetes or different sensory system related issues. Now and again, aside from the stylish uneasiness, the hanging eyelids can likewise influence your vision.

In the event that this is your case, you’ve presumably as of now contemplated making a move, for example, medical procedure.

Be that as it may, before you swing to more obtrusive techniques, we’ve presented to you an exceptionally straightforward formula that will rapidly enhance the presence of hanging eyelids: And best of all, it just takes one fixing, which you most likely as of now have in your kitchen.

This is what to do:


  • 1 egg white;
  • 1 cotton swab.


  • On the off chance that you have any cosmetics all over expel it totally and wash your face a short time later. At that point break the egg and separate the egg white from the egg yolk.
  • For this formula, you’ll require just the egg white.
  • Dunk the cotton swab in the egg white.
  • Close your eyes and apply the egg whites everywhere on your eyelid.
  • Keep your eyes shut until the point that the egg white is dry.
  • It’s suggested that you do this application up to three times each week.