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5 side effects of the famous apple cider vinegar diet

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Apple Cider Vinegar Damages

One of the striking details in the eating pattern that entered many people’s lives as the Kim Kardashian diet was apple cider vinegar. There are such people that almost drink apple cider vinegar instead of water.

But Leslie Bonci, one of New York’s famous dietitian, argues that apple cider vinegar is not as innocent as it seems. So what are the harms of the apple cider vinegar diet? Let’s take a closer look.

apple cider vinegar

It gives a feeling of endless tiredness

Bonci points out that it is not possible to take intense calories with apple cider vinegar and says that after a while, a state of fatigue will never go away. The famous dietician, who defends that the most ideal is to consume apple cider vinegar with carbohydrate-based foods, emphasizes that the additive feature of vinegar should not be exceeded.

apple cider vinegar

Temporary and Unhealthy Weight Loss

Of course, it is possible to lose weight by drinking apple cider vinegar, but here the body is lightened by losing water. Bonci says that weight loss, in which the ratio of fat and muscle decreases in a balanced way, is good for human health and argues that excessive consumption of apple cider vinegar upset the body’s water balance.

apple cider vinegar

Does Not Cut Appetite, Rather Increases

At this point, since vinegar is known as one of the biggest appetizers of Turkish cuisine, it is impossible not to join Bonci. The dietician, who also prepares the diet of many Hollywood stars, says that those who are very involved with apple cider vinegar do not realize that they are actually hungry. This is not good news for the body either.

apple cider vinegar

May cause stomach problems

Vinegar, which has an acidic structure, can negatively affect the gastric flora and protective mucosa when consumed excessively. Bonci recommends that those who have conditions such as ulcerative colitis or reflux should be in a distant relationship with the apple cider vinegar diet.