Bean sauce for easy and delicious recipe!

Bean sauce for simple and scrumptious formula!

This dish is super simple to get ready, numerous fixings are not required and we can set up the sauce multi day prior.

They approached me for the formula and a few hints to reproduce it in their homes along these lines, in the event that you adore the enfrijoladas, I share similar tips and the formula that I gave them.


500 grams of pinto or bayos or dark beans

½ entire onion

4 cloves of entire garlic

1 tablespoon of vegetable oil

1 tablespoon chicken bouillon powder

½ ground onion

2 ground garlic cloves

2 tablespoons spread without salt

1 teaspoon of vegetable oil

3 marinated chipotle peppers

12 corn tortillas

2 cups cooked and destroyed chicken bosoms


Finely cleaved onion

Crisp cheddar disintegrated



Evacuate the beans for five hours, deplete the water and hold.

Smoke water in a pot, include the onion, garlic and beans; cook on medium warmth for two hours. Make sure to mix the beans always to abstain from staying.

Sazona the beans with the chicken powder consommé and void them with everything and their water to a nourishment processor.

Include the chipotle pepper and process until the point that you have a fluid bean sauce.

Warmth a griddle, include spread and vegetable oil; Add the ground onion and garlic and broil for four minutes.

Pour the bean sauce and cook, blending continually for eight minutes over medium warmth.

Sazona the sauce with chicken consommé powder and salt. In the event that it thickens significantly subsequent to cooking, include somewhat more water or chicken powder juices.

Cool corn tortillas in hot oil for 20 seconds and place on kitchen paper to expel overabundance oil.

Pour the tortillas through the bean sauce and fill them with chicken; overlay them like taco and bathe them with more bean sauce.

Serve the enfrijoladas with onion, cream and crisp cheddar.

On the off chance that there is an absence of water for the beans amid the two hours, make sure to include bubbling water; on the off chance that you include cool water you will stop the cooking procedure and they will be hard.

Additionally, abstain from including salt or flavoring powder amid the two long periods of cooking the beans; it is smarter to include it toward the end with the goal that they are not salty.

Attempt the bean sauce before adding it to the blend broiled onion, this is to know whether the measure of chipotle is useful for your taste.