Matchbox Wall Hanging

Who doesn’t care for some brilliant touch at home? Add a few hues and amusing to your home with this simple to-do natively constructed DIY matchbox inside decoration workmanship.

All you require:

– Colorful marble paper, – Scissor, – Glue, – 16 void match box, – Twines/string, – Decorative Bells, – Glass channels

– Round molded Mirrors (of all shapes and sizes) – Pin/Needle

Stage 1:

Cut the marble papers into squares. Presently, with the assistance of paste wrap up the match boxes.

Stage 2:

With the guide of paste, join the mirrors in the state of a blossom. Rehash a similar assignment for the majority of the wrapped matchboxes. Sew the chimes and glass straws with twine, with the assistance of the needle.

Stage 3:

Join the matchboxes in a state of hexagon or jewel with the assistance of paste. Presently, hang the dangler with the assistance of stick/needle onto the divider piece.

What’s more, Your DIY inside decoration is prepared!!