Decorate your home with this easy sun burst mirror!

Things you require

Round Shaped Mirror, Cardboard, Skewers or Wooden Dowel, Brass make ring or snare, Glue, Small Size Mirrors, Primer

Stage 1:

Draw the framework of the mirror in a cardboard by setting the mirror onto it, and cut the hover with help of a scissor. On the other hand draw one littler hover with the assistance of a glass over the cut piece.

Stage 2:

Begin connecting the sticks or wooden dowel around the fringe of the littler hover with the assistance of groundwork or paste, beginning from the little circle and afterward in the long run moving to the substantial circle.

Stage 3:

Presently, include modern or some other solid paste, and place the mirror on the inside; over the sticks.

Stage 4:

At long last, put the little mirrors on the edge of the sticks. Presently, adding a last touch to it, include a snare or ring at the back of the mirror. Voila, your sunburst reflect is prepared!