Crochet Additional Small Motif Tutorial 19 Part 3 of 3

In this third part of crochet motifs tutorial 19 I will learn you how to close the opening in between the large six-sided motifs with additional crochet small motif:

Firstly, we will be making this crocheted additional small motif.
It has 4 only rounds.
While working the last round of my crochet small motif we will be joining it to 4 large motifs of the piece.
The first joining point is in the corner of our 2 large motifs on the right.
To begin the joining hold the fabric and our new motif with the reverse sides together.
Continue working with our video tutorial.
Additional crochet small motif was made of yarn 55% Cotton 45% Polyacryl 160m/50gr. Crochet hook 2,25 mm or 2 mm
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