Canadian smocking,Beautiful fabric manipulation technique.

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Designer cushion 16 inch .Fabric manipulation technique for pink princess cushion. For standard cushion measures 40/40 cm( 16 inch) use 60/60 cm fabric (it include 2 inch allowance on 4 sides)..Take extra 45/45 cm for the other side(it depends on the kind of opening you are using. I USED A SIDE ZIP technique.Use a standard cushion pad.When you use an extra filled cushion pad the design would be stretched and not perfect. so take extra measured fabric material for extra filled cushion.The pattern should be drawn on inner side of fabric.Use a tape on four sides to prevent slipping while drawing grid.
Canadian smocked cushion cover.Pink princess cushion,fabric manipulation technique,Easy to make designer cushion.cuscino Designer.
Designer Kissen ,Cojín de diseño,
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