Autumn Leaf Beanie

A video tutorial on how to crochet the Autumn Leaf Beanie. It will complement your Autumn Leaf Cowl beautifully! It also works up nice and thick to keep you and your loved ones warm this winter. You should be comfortable with front post double crochets (FPDC), back post double crochets (BPDC), FPDC increases/decreases, BPDC increases/decreases and half double crochets (all US versions) before you attempt this pattern.

You can find the faux fur hat toppers* similar to what was used in my video here:

You can find the yarn I used in this tutorial here:

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If you need to learn how to do a front/back post double crochet, you can check out this video for help:

If you need to learn how to do a half double crochet (us version), please go here:

If you want to check out my Autumn Cowl (no buttons), you can view that tutorial here:

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